Fielder plugs-in to Birmingham as it prepares to launch GPT based recruitment tool

Fielder, an AI powered work platform, says it is focusing on Birmingham as its base as it gears up to launch an integrated GPT plugin to help skilled workers quickly find job opportunities.

Currently in its beta-phase and being trialled by recruiters across the UK, the new plugin will allow users to interact with the AI chatbot, which will search for jobs based on the user’s CV and preferences.

“Birmingham has a fantastic reputation as a tech hub and recent news around the launch of the new ‘Innovation Cluster’ is further proof of the city’s ambitions to be a driving force for technology and innovation,” said co-founder Dr Saad Attieh.

“Fielder’s mission is potentially part of that innovation story with a firm focus on the future economy in terms of what we are creating within the jobs market and recruitment industry. These are exciting times for the city and for us as a business that is disrupting the way we recruit and how we search for jobs. We hope to be a part of the exciting tech sector that is on the rise in the city.”

Once through its beta-phase, Fielder’s new GPT plugin will allow users to find work through a chat interface.

Fielder will then automatically search thousands of jobs, allowing users to express interest and apply for positions they find appealing, whether permanent, contract or fully flexible. The app also informs users if they are missing any necessary skills or qualifications and suggests free or paid courses to help them upskill.

Dr Attieh, who has a PhD in Constraint Programming and Artificial Intelligence from St. Andrews University, added: “GPT is just the tip of the power of using AI – using these technologies, Fielder can rapidly show job seekers better job matches, matching worker skills, availability, commute, and pay preferences, while also handling the complexity of flexible working demands and remote or part-time availability using this AI technology.”

In addition to job matching, Fielder also identifies upskilling opportunities through volunteering, enabling users to learn new skills and improve their career prospects. It also acts as a virtual career coach, adapting to find work that users find interesting.

For compliance and security reasons, users will need to complete certain checks within the Fielder Work App, which handles all aspects of work management, upskilling, and pay.

From the employer perspective, Fielder’s open system allows them to find workers within seconds, automating conversations for checks, availability, and pay rate, says Attieh.

He said: “We are in a time of huge disruption and innovation, with a number of challenges and indeed opportunities faced by employers and job-seekers alike. By giving businesses the power to find the best candidates, offer flexible working and upskilling opportunities all within the platform, with deeper skills-based insight and rigorous checks, we believe that we are building a platform for the future of work.”