‘Energy neutral homes’ unveiled by developer

Residential developer and investor Property Group has revealed its first zero-carbon, energy neutral homes.

The Birmingham-based firm believes the properties will be so efficient and release no additional carbon, that typical families may not have to pay any energy bills.

Designed to Passivhaus standards, Georgian Square in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, will be the first scheme to include the homes, with plans to roll them out across the UK.

Measures taken to achieve the zero-carbon, energy neutral homes, include carbon reducing bricks, solar panels, cutting edge water efficiency systems, air source heat pumps, LED lighting, additional insulation as well as the implementation of EV charging points at every home.

Prosperity Group says it has also worked closely with Google to develop a smart home package designed to give residents real-time updates on energy usage and efficiency, allowing them to take steps to reduce consumption.

Joe Billingham, Chief Executive at Prosperity Group said: “As a business, we are doing our bit to reach Net Zero, but we also recognise that property owners want to drive sustainability in their own lives.

“Our Energy Neutral Homes are future-proofing the delivery of residential property, as well as offering an immediate benefit to people’s bills. In the coming years, all new homes will need to be highly efficient. We are leading the way.

“Georgian Square is the first development to benefit from our Energy Neutral Home concept. We hope to continue to roll out the model across the UK as part of our development pipeline.”

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