Retail giant teams up with electric vehicle charging provider

Halfords has partnered with Cord, an electric vehicle home charging installation provider based in Birmingham, to provide fully-fitted at-home EV charging for less than £1,000.

Customers can book Cord’s home charging installation directly through the Halfords website. Cord also handles authorisations, registrations, and customer communications, and ensures compliance with UK Smart Charging Regulations 2023.

Over 337,000 fully electric or plug-in hybrid cars have been registered in the UK as of September this year, and the National Grid predicts 36m electric vehicles on UK roads by 2042.

The goal is to provide a straightforward and accessible option for at-home EV charging.

Richard Bruce, commercial director of Halfords, said: “At Halfords, we believe in making electric vehicle ownership as easy as possible. For many drivers, a key concern around EVs is charging. We want to help demystify this for our customers, and this partnership will offer a simple, affordable and easy solution for those transitioning or considering transitioning to an EV.”