Partnership formed for solar power purchase agreement

Centrica Business Solutions and Moog have teamed up for a long-term solar power deal to green Moog’s aerospace site in Wolverhampton.

Centrica will lease Moog’s roof space to install 2,200 solar panels, generating 1MW of power. Moog will buy the energy through a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Centrica.

Once finished in spring, the panels will provide Moog with 800 MWh of renewable energy annually for 25 years, cutting CO2 emissions by 175 tonnes per year.

Dr Jean-Yves Cherruault, head of net zero pathways at Centrica Business Solutions, said: “The project with Moog Inc. represents the construction of one of our biggest rooftop solar arrays to date as we work to help the business move towards Net Zero. To be able to finance deals like this with no up-front costs is an incredibly attractive package for many businesses. It allows them to become energy-independent, more resilient and ultimately play their part in achieving the UK’s sustainability goals.”

Hamish Ferguson, vice president, director of sustainability and ESG at Moog Inc., said: “Working with Centrica has enabled us to implement a solution that makes sense from both a carbon reduction and a finance perspective. It’s the first retrofit on an existing manufacturing plant of a solar array for Moog Inc. and we’re looking forward to implementing similar projects around the world to achieve our carbon reduction ambitions. Our net zero goals are central to our growth strategy, and once construction is complete it will be great to know that a significant proportion of our future energy use will be both zero carbon and affordable.”