Property developer to reveal plans for town centre rejuvenation

Developers Capital&Centric have unveiled plans for the rejuvenation of Newcastle-under-Lyme town centre.

Consultations have been launched on proposals for the Midway car park, York Place shopping centre, and two plots at Ryecroft.

The Midway car park would be repurposed into new homes and green spaces, alongside the addition of a three-floor atrium and on-site parking facilities for residents.

The vacant York Place shopping centre would be redeveloped to include a music venue, a public square, and 50 apartments above ground-level commercial space.

Plans for the Ryecroft area will be executed in two phases. One phase will see the creation of a mixed-use neighbourhood, comprising new apartments, suburban homes, and workspaces.

Capital&Centric has proposed the construction of a 110-room hotel and the development of a new shared community parkland, intended to serve as venues for social gatherings and events.

With early technical groundwork completed, the project team is now refining designs, with plans to submit planning applications to the council by summer.

Martin Crews, development director at Capital&Centric, said: “We’re taking a joined-up approach to revitalising Newcastle-under-Lyme and want local people to get involved. We’re striking a careful balance between retaining the charm and local character of the town centre today, whilst writing an exciting new chapter for the future. Retaining and repurposing much of the existing structures at both Midway and York Place allows us to not only deliver unique designs that the town can be proud of, but we can also save stacks of embodied carbon when compared to starting from scratch.

“In a world of changing shopping habits, there’s a real need to reinvent town centres so they retain their place as the heart of communities. Each of the planned neighbourhoods would have a distinct but complementary design, with a broad mix of uses – from homes to shops and outdoor spaces – creating a welcoming town centre where people want to meet and spend time.”

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