Manufacturers remain in favour of EU membership despite sluggish demand – EEF

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BRITAIN’S manufacturers remain overwhelmingly in favour of staying in the EU, according to new research published today.

EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, said the findings of its research showed that 85% of manufacturers in the UK would vote to remain within the EU.

In stark contrast, just 7% would vote to pull out.

The most positive support for staying in the EU comes from companies with more than 250 employees, where 90% would opt to stay in and not a single company would vote to come out.

The figures are in line with the last poll EEF carried out in September 2013 and come in spite of the continued economic problems of the Eurozone.

The current economic climate within the EU remains sluggish and despite recent hopes of recovery, orders placed with British manufacturers is a cause of concern for many SMEs.
Richard Halstead, Midlands Region Director at EEF, said: “Despite continued problems in the Eurozone, manufacturers remain overwhelmingly positive that Britain’s economic wellbeing is inextricably linked to the EU.
“The clear and consistent message is that we must stay in the EU. It makes zero sense to disengage from our major market and it is fanciful to think we can just pull up the drawbridge and walk away with no economic consequences.”