Make your Bank Holiday weekend a sizzling success with the ultimate beer and BBQ guide

As the sun looks set to shine this Bank Holiday weekend, the barbecue tongs will be out in force and Yorkshire’s Little Valley Brewery has launched a guide to help hosts pair the right beer with bangers and burgers to make sure your event is a hit.

Ahead of National Barbecue Week which kicks off on May 29, Sue Cooper, co-owner at Little Valley Brewery, said: “BBQ season has arrived and as many look to impress in the garden this year, it is so important to have the right beer for the occasion. Taking into account taste notes and flavours of the beer, then matching these with the flavours of each dish, will make your BBQ go from ordinary to extraordinary.”

Beef burger

No BBQ is complete without the classic burger. To level up this barbecue staple, pair it with a darker beer such as a rich porter. The roast malt flavour will create the perfect BBQ blend.

Chicken skewers

For chicken, you need to go for something lighter like your favourite pale ale or IPA. If you’re adding a bit of spice to your chicken consider different flavours, such as our Ginger Pale Ale, which holds its own against a variety of spicy dishes.


If you’re being a bit flash and serving steak, match this with a robust stout or a nicely balanced bitter. This will contrast well with the rich flavours from the steak, making for a really interesting combination.

Salad or pasta

For those partygoers opting for salad or pasta dishes, you need to be ready with a crisp blonde beer. Go for a blonde that is relatively malty with a bit of bitterness for the best results.