Weekender: Mausoleum of the Giants exhibition opens in Sheffield

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Sheffield-based artist Phlegm’s giants have been unleashed in the steel city.

Taking over the architecture with his murals and changing the entire field of view with his visuals, Phelgm has produced an incredible, immersive sculptural installation. Massive sculptures occupy halls, corridors and rooms of an abandoned factory with their cumbersome bodies.

Taking five months to create, the exhibition, which is free to attend at the Eye Witness Works, is open until 6 April.

Local industrial buildings often forming the backdrop for his murals in the city, an old factory complex is the perfect location for presenting such a poetic and personal undertaking and bringing Phlegm’s iconic characters to life. Imagined as beings whose life spans over thousands of years, these peaceful beasts have seen rivers erode and mountains change. With their final days coming slowly but surely, the giants are ready for their eternal rest, giving everyone enough time to meet them, mourn them and make peace with their ending.