Cyber security company launches recruitment drive

Altinet Ltd, a provider of IT security and storage services, says it will create jobs in the Leeds area.

It is in response to an increased demand for cloud cyber security services as home working productivity becomes key focus for all organisations.

The business, which is part of the Arrow Group, has outlined plans to take on 10 new account managers by the end of 2020.

It notes that COVID-19 regulations have forced businesses to rethink the way they conduct daily operations, resulting in dramatic digital transformations as organisations suddenly switched to remote working.

And it adds that businesses are now facing a variety of new security challenges due to their decentralised environments.

These require additional security measures in order to provide reliable and secure access, protect data stored in newly adopted collaboration apps, and defend against the increasing volume of e-mail attacks that have been leveraging COVID messaging.

Ben Carr, technical services manager at Altinet, said: “New trends surrounding remote working, video conferencing services and cloud-based file sharing have emphasised just how vital cyber security is to the continued digital developments of businesses, and the protection of their crucial company data.

“Although these technologies enable collaboration and productivity – particularly Microsoft’s 365 suite – most companies lack the on-site skill and knowledge to oversee the installation and ongoing maintenance of the security solutions needed for these tools.”