Communications tech firm enlisted to help advance digital revolution

Harrogate-based STORM Intelligent Communications has been hired to equip a UK digital connectivity provider with instant communications technologies.

IntechnologySmartCities has provided its mobile workforce with the technology supplied by STORM.

IntechnologySmartCities’ workers operate at height on the maintenance of WiFi infrastructure installed on buildings and street furniture in locations including Edinburgh, Coventry, Windsor, Southend-on-Sea and Portobello Market in west London.

STORM supplies services such as instant voice communication, instant messaging, video and image sharing, location and SOS alerting capabilities to help organisations increase productivity, reduce costs and enhance working relationships.

It is a reseller of technologies developed in Israel by Mobile Tornado plc, which are deployed in more than 30 countries worldwide with mobile operators, governments and enterprises in Europe, Africa and the Americas.

These are available via specialised rugged handset or smartphone application for Android and iOS operating systems and cellular or WiFi networks.

The services are considered essential for industries including healthcare, utilities, security, construction and logistics.

Bill Young, technical manager at Intechnology Smart Cities, said: “The technologies have enabled instant communication between our teams of people wherever they are in the UK and without the need for stopping to make a phone call.

“STORM is helping us to install, test and maintain the complex infrastructure that residents, tourists, businesses and local government rely on every day for seamless digital connectivity.”

Luke Wilkinson, founding director at STORM Intelligent Communications, added: “We are thrilled to be supporting Intechnology Smart Cities with its important work to boost digital inclusion across the UK and enable innovation in public services.

“Our world-leading technologies are ideal for ambitious companies or organisations with mobile workforces who need to communicate more effectively.”

In the summer, STORM won a place on a multi-million pound NHSX framework to supply clinical communication tools for NHS trusts as part of the Department of Health and Social Care’s drive to phase out pagers and historic bleep systems.