New hub for surplus food specialist

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Sheffield’s Food Works, a not-for-profit organisation which reduces food waste by upcycling surplus food for anyone who needs it, has a new base.

Its last market in Wybourn was on 19 May and its new hub in Handsworth opened at 10am today – 20 May.  

Law firm Lupton Fawcett helped to secure the future of Food Works by completing the lease on its latest premises in just two weeks. 

Rene Meijer, CEO at Food Works, said: “Food Works showcases how tasty and nutritious meals can be produced for the community using surplus and locally grown produce. 

“We’ve been based at our Wybourn hub for the last year but had to find another premises when the lease came to end with short notice. 

“It seemed an impossible task, but with the help of lots of people and organisations in Sheffield and the invaluable expertise of Lupton Fawcett, we have now secured a 10-year lease on a property in Handsworth. 

“Being able to agree the lease guarantees continuity of our services and we can do it without closing for a single day.” 

“We are excited for our future plans and expect that we will be able to expand our work, as well as delivering it from a much more conducive environment.”

The lease deal was the first to complete for Lupton Fawcett partner Claire Mayfield-Tulip, who joined the firm’s commercial property team based in Sheffield earlier this month.  

She said: “We were delighted to be able to step in to help Food Works secure its premises in record time.

“The process usually takes around two months, but we were able to complete in just two weeks, enabling continuity of the vital services that Food Works provides to help those in need of food in Sheffield.”