‘Phenomenal piece of software’ acquired by law tech business

Sucheet Amin
X The Business Desk

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Manchester legal app inCase has acquired a Yorkshire-based digital quote-generating platform.

Sheffield-based QuoteXpress is inCase’s first acquisition following £1.5m investment in the company in May last year.

The ‘growth-driven’ deal will improve its portfolio of products offered to their legal industry clients.

Sucheet Amin, founder & CEO of inCase said: “QuoteXpress is a phenomenal piece of software that complements our inCase solution perfectly.

“It now gives us the capability to support law firms who want to offer the total digital journey to their clients.”

He added, “Law firms have had to embrace new technology almost overnight in the wake of the pandemic.

“There was a frantic period as businesses adapted to new working practices that needed technology to support them. We saw the opportunity to add to our portfolio of services that are in high demand and seized the chance to do so.”

Established in Sheffield in 2014, QuoteXpress has developed a quote designed for the conveyancing sector.

Law firms can showcase their own branded version and benefit from additional features such as processing payments, integrating with the market-leading accounts packages.

inCase has been at the forefront of digitalising the legal industry. Other tools features such as electronic Transfer Deeds Signing launched this year.

Rob Hosier, sales & marketing director of inCase said: “At inCase we have a vision that a prospective conveyancing client could have an offer accepted on a property on Saturday and by Monday morning their appointed conveyancer has the completed Instruction Protocol Forms, Engagement Letter, and Digital ID Verification documentation in their inbox – ready to proceed.”

inCase will continue to support the existing client base of just over 40 law firms and look to integrate QuoteXpress into the digital ecosystem.

inCase were advised by David Easdown and Ryan Tweedale of Knights and QuoteXpress were advised by Dr Heather Anson of Digital Law.