Listed entertainment services business outlines plan for global expansion

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ZOO Digital Group has revealed more details about its global growth strategy to scale its operations by establishing regional hubs in key international locations.

The Sheffield-headquartered company, which provides cloud-based localisation and media services to the global entertainment industry, says it is finalising investments to expand its geographic footprint in key content sourcing and distribution locations – namely Turkey, Korea, Thailand, India, Japan and Malaysia.

It explains these regional investments will further strengthen its offering by simplifying access to new territories, helping clients to overcome the challenges of localising and fulfilling huge volumes of original and catalogue content, as well as supporting the increasing need to prepare locally acquired TV shows and movies for streaming services around the world.

The new hubs are also expected to support the business development team by providing wider international coverage and access to new markets.

Stuart Green, CEO of ZOO Digital, said: “Southeast Asia, the Middle East and India are all experiencing rapid growth as content centres for an increasingly global audience.

“Our expansion in these regions will add scale to ZOO’s operations, further diversify our revenues and provide access to new talent pools in lower cost economies.

“For our clients, it will enable us to deliver even higher levels of creativity, quality and security in some of the fastest-growing and most important regions for media companies.

“By aligning our business with their growth ambitions in these territories, we are well positioned to support our clients’ content requirements and capitalise on new market opportunities.”

 The company adds that it will make further announcements regarding its investments as deals are completed.