Academy established to help combat digital skills shortage

A new Technology Academy is on a mission to bring more jobs to the region.

Leeds-based Corecom Technology Academy (CTA) offers tech training and onboarding packages to clients who are looking to find a solution to the digital skills shortage in the current market.

CTA anticipates the creation of 20 new roles across the Yorkshire region as well as achieving a revenue of £500,000 in year one. Growth is expected to accelerate rapidly in year two with the business projecting a threefold increase in staff – to 60 – and a 400% increase in revenue to £2m.

The academy has been founded and overseen by a team comprising Thomas Crabtree, James Taylor, Jonathan Sanderson, Rick Hughes, Phil Lee, Andrew Slight, Stuart Barker and Phil Stead.

Crabtree takes up the position of academy director, with responsibility for delivering training, project placement and learning and support, with Taylor, business director, responsible for business development and communications.

Sanderson and Hughes draw on just short of 30 years’ experience and expertise in the IT recruitment sector, with Lee, Slight, Barker and Stead bringing decades of IT consultancy experience.

Sanderson, who is managing director of IT recruiter, Corecom Consulting, established the company 14 years ago.

Hughes has been with the company for 11 years, being instrumental in Corecom’s launch into Europe and the establishment of Corecom Quality Engineering (CQE) in 2020.

Crabtree said: “The need for digital skills in the industry remains strong, with an ever-important focus on diversity and inclusion.

“We’re excited to launch this business to meet the demands of our clients, providing opportunities for people to enter a rewarding career in the technology industry.”

Sanderson added: “It has become increasingly evident in the wake of the recent pandemic and economic environment that there is a mismatch between the resourcing needs of the IT and tech sector and candidate and employee career priorities and skill sets.

“The academy has been borne out of this need, providing a highly tailored training and resource solution to professionals and business alike.

“Our ultimate aim is to be recognised as the leading academy in the sector. That not only means having the best talent and training, but the most ethical, inclusive and diverse strategy and culture.”