Breakthrough deal signed for hologram messaging firm

2mee, a direct human messaging platform, has joined forces with trade exchange Bartercard UK in a milestone agreement for the York-based tech company.

Under the deal, Bartercard UK will allow ten of its sponsored sports clubs to access 2mee’s technology, which has been designed to help businesses and brands build an emotional connection with clients and consumers.

The ten sports clubs that will now be able to use 2mee to send human hologram messages to fans include football club Oldham Athletic and Rugby League side Leeds Rhinos.

They will also be able to use 2mee’s HoloAd product to deliver collaborative messages that contain their brand partners’ logos and assets.

As the name suggests, these messages are delivered as holograms to both mobile apps and websites via the 2mee messaging platform.

The 2mee platform has been designed to do everything a volumetric studio can do but from a mobile phone.

A user simply records the sports star, legend or staff member delivering the message from any setting then 2mee recognises the face and cuts out the surrounding clutter, focusing the viewer on the person and the message.

The platform will then deliver at scale to web and app channels with full reporting for the clubs.

Brian Smillie, commercial director at 2mee, said: “This significant six-figure contract is just the first of many in the pipeline including our HoloAd deployment which has seen clients generating substantial revenue using their current website and app screen real-estate.

“We look forward to working with Bartercard UK and the ten sponsored sports clubs that will be using our technology to help them unlock the power of face-to-face communication and enjoy the unrivalled engagement rates it can deliver.”

Chris Kirby, managing director at Bartercard UK, added: “This is a great deal for Bartercard UK, allowing our sports club partners to leverage the power of hologram messages and benefit from the many upsides that emotional marketing offers.

“This will allow these Bartercard UK-backed clubs to take fan and audience engagement to the next level and we can’t wait to see the hologram messages they deploy.”

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