Specialist manufacturer strikes preferred supplier agreement

Static sealing solutions business, Flexitallic, has struck a long-term, preferred supplier deal with a developer of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) technology to supply high temperature sealing materials.

The agreement marks a milestone in Flexitallic’s development of technology to support the new energy transition and comes at a crucial time for the commercial roll out of fuel cell and electrolyser technology.

Thermiculite®, which is manufactured at Flexitallic’s facility in Cleckheaton, is recognised as the material of choice for compression sealing to achieve a high sealing efficiency.

SOFC technology, ideal for powering commercial buildings, modern urban neighbourhoods, data centres, and electric vehicle charging infrastructure, boasts an overall efficiency of 85%.

The systems can be operated with eco-friendly biogas or natural gas and are hydrogen compatible without any modification.

Lane Walker, chief executive officer at The Flexitallic Group, said: “We are proud to contribute to this breakthrough technology.

“At a time when demand for renewable electricity is increasing, countries across the globe are looking for technologies capable of sustainably heating and powering our homes, businesses, vehicles and infrastructure.

“When combined with green hydrogen, SOFC is set to become a real gamechanger in the transition to a low carbon future.”

Mark Horton, managing director at Flexitallic UK Ltd, said: “Our two fuel cell materials, Thermiculite 866 and 870, are specifically designed for use as compression seals in SOFCs.

“They have a proven track record in terms of tolerating extreme conditions without compromising integrity – a crucial factor in the commercial success of this technology.”

To support this latest partner and others in the new energy space, Flexitallic says it will continue to grow its headcount and knowledge-base, and is also investing in new manufacturing technology and capabilities.

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