Shower tray manufacturer relocating to Yorkshire from Essex

Firm Mills, Huddersfield

Luxury shower tray manufacturer, Traymate, is shifting from its current site in Purfleet, Essex, to Firm Mills in Huddersfield.

Following the acquisition of Traymate in March 2020 by Yorkshire-based Hartford Holdings Group Ltd, parent company of Trojan Baths, Mantaleda Bathrooms and Thomas Crapper & Co, it was decided to bring the production of all shower trays to the company’s West Yorkshire home.

It follows the decision of the current Purfleet site landlord to redevelop the existing buildings.

While alternative sites local to Purfleet were considered, the search was proving difficult. Production in Essex will come to a close in June 2023, with a natural handover to the new site in West Yorkshire to avoid any issues with supply.

Hartford Holdings owners, Adam and David Mosley, revealed what they described as the “difficult decision” to staff in mid-February.

Adam Mosley said: “Due to the planned redevelopment of the current Traymate site in Purfleet and a lack of viable alternative premises readily available, it became an unavoidable situation.

“It was important to David and I that we announced the plans personally and face-to-face with the employees.

“We have offered redeployment but acknowledge this will not be possible for all.

“However, all employees have been offered an enhanced redundancy package to help with the transition from Purfleet to Huddersfield.” 

David Mosley added: “We understand this is a difficult situation for all employees at Traymate, but unfortunately felt that we had no choice but to make the move.

“The current Purfleet premises are only 7,000 sq ft, nearly 100 years old and sit on shared grounds with other businesses.

“The building in Huddersfield is 40,000 sq ft, is a modern construction and sits on a three-acre site.

“We remain committed to our plans to invest and grow the Traymate brand and will be happy to bring any current employees to our home in Yorkshire.”

Terry Wilkins, Traymate managing director, said: “There is a shared determination by everyone to make the transition work.

“We are arranging visits to Huddersfield for those interested in a potential move in the coming weeks.

“Knowing we have space to expand and increase our manufacturing capabilities underpins Adam’s and David’s long-term plans for Traymate and allows the business to grow significantly in the coming years.”