Metro mayors to speak at Yorkshire business conference

West and South Yorkshire mayors Tracy Brabin and Oliver Coppard will deliver keynote speeches at the Business of Yorkshire conference on 2 November.

The two mayors will be joined by experts and business leaders from around the region to give you critical insights on where the region’s economies are now, where we want them to be in future, and the strategies being implemented to get us from now to then. These insights will help you anticipate trends rather than react to events.

The Business of Yorkshire Conference at the Queens Hotel, Leeds, on Thursday 2 November, is sponsored by Lloyds Bank and Knights, and is built around three broad themes highlighted in’s Invest North report. These themes are Place, Prosperity and Productivity.

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The first sessions focus on Yorkshire’s economies, looking at their strengths and weaknesses, and the way place-based strategies can transform key communities and their hinterlands.

The first of the Place panels looks at the region’s economic hubs from three different perspectives: those of an inward investor, a funder, and a successful business form within the region. Each speaker will give a short presentation on their viewpoint, followed by a panel discussion exploring these perspectives.

This will be followed by a keynote speech exploring how place-led changes can transform the region’s economies, amplifying each hub’s comparative advantage by leaning into strengths and mitigating challenges.

The final Place session will see leaders examine innovation clusters in detail, exploring their impact on businesses and their multiplier effect on funding, inward investment and talent.

Following a short break, the Prosperity section of the conference will begin by examining the future we want for the region, and how we achieve it. Experts will present quick-fire presentations on developments in key sectors that empower the rest of the economy, including energy and the drive to net-zero, manufacturing, and digital technology.

Three strategic regeneration and economic development leaders from local authorities will then share the vision for their districts, and the policies by which they intend to transform those visions into reality in a panel discussion that will help businesses understand the challenges and solutions of each area.

After lunch, the conference turns its attention to Productivity, with panels examining business resilience, and the ways both people and technology can improve efficiency and and revenues.

The three broad themes interweave, and there will be much to digest. Please join us after the formal conference close to discuss your key takeaways with speakers and fellow attendees over informal drinks.