Rugby club chairman vows to stand his ground following winding up petition

Rugby League side, York Knights, says it is “business at usual,” despite having been issued with a winding up petition by HMRC.

Club chairman, Clint Goodchild, said the HMRC action relates to a tax charge levied against York City Knights dating from well before he took over at the club, which plays in the Championship division and is based at York’s LNER Community Stadium.

He said: “In June HMRC brought to our attention an aged CTSA, CT tax charge of £2,109.95 plus an accumulated interest charge of £294.66 which we would like further details around.

“This charge is dated 30/11/2018 which was years before I took ownership of the club in January, 2022.

“We have requested further information and await response. It is a rather small figure, but regardless I would like some answers and clarity before paying.

“If and when these answers are given, and the taxation charge justified, it will be paid immediately bringing the matter to a close. Until then I will stand my ground on the matter.

“In the meantime, it’s business as usual here at York RLFC as we continue our run towards the business end of the season and continue our growth on and off the field.”