Yorkshire to play key role in company’s £300m clean energy tech mission

Swedish-based clean energy-tech company, Aira, launches in the UK today with a pledge to invest £300m in the next three years to accelerate decarbonisation.

Since its global launch in June 2023, Aira has acquired Sheffield-based All Seasons Energy, a renewable energy specialist.

To accelerate rapid growth, Aira says it is investing in two Aira Academies, one in Yorkshire and one in London, which it says will train thousands of clean energy experts, helping drive the firm’s goal to serve one million UK homes and build the clean energy workforce of tomorrow.

The company’s wider ambition is to serve five million households across Europe – including a million in Britain – with affordable clean energy-tech solutions to take Europe off gas.

Aira says it will reduce the UK’s COemissions to the equivalent of taking two million cars off the nation’s roads. 

It points out that Britain still relies on 25 million fossil fuel boilers to heat homes, which account for 16% of the nation’s CO2 emissions.

Martin Lewerth

The UK Government’s objective is to increase heat pump uptake to 600,000 installations a year by 2028, to reduce the nation’s reliance on expensive, imported fossil fuels.

Aira offers heat pumps, solar panels, battery storage, and electricity tariffs. Currently, Aira UK comprises a team of 200 employees, consisting of clean energy experts and supporting roles, with 600 employees globally.  

Martin Lewerth, Aira Group CEO, said: “The UK is a crucial market to decarbonise, being one of Europe’s most populated countries and with the lowest heat pump penetration rate of just 1%.

“We are excited to introduce Aira’s innovative home energy solution in the UK, and we are confident our offering and value proposition, which includes substantial consumer cost savings, no need for lifestyle changes, and a zero upfront payment model, will be well-received.

“We are here to accelerate the important transition from dirty gas boilers to clean heat pumps.”

Daniel Särefjord

Daniel Särefjord, Aira UK CEO, said: “Heat pumps represent the most technologically advanced, economic, and environmentally friendly way to heat our homes.

“They are four times more energy efficient than gas boilers and will help people reduce their heating bills by 25%.

“The Government has confirmed over 90% of UK homes are suitable for a heat pump. Aira offers a hassle-free, budget-friendly path to lower energy bills and a more climate-friendly economy.”

Energy security secretary Claire Coutinho added: “Families should not have to choose between cutting costs and cutting emissions which is why we increased our Boiler Upgrade Scheme by 50% to £7,500 grants – making our scheme one of the most generous in Europe. 

“Our plan is working, and we are seeing an increase in applications. It’s fantastic that Aira is investing £300m in the UK heat pump market to help further rollout. 

“Their investment will also create 8,000 new jobs here in the UK, growing our economy and helping us make the green transition.”