Council to buy or build 1,000 homes in next five years

Sheffield City Council has announced plans for more than 1,000 homes to meet ‘unprecedented’ demand fore affordable and social homes.

The council has set aside £255m for acquisitions and new builds in the coming financial year for its stock increase programme (SIP), adding to £28m already set aside in the 2023/24 budget. It will also seek Government funding through Homes England and the South Yorkshire Combined Authority.

The council plans to use the money to build 147 residential homes at two sites at Newstead, fund 36 new apartments at Bole Hill View, and build a further 275 homes across the city before 2029.

It also plans to buy 417 properties across the city, and work with housing associations to create a further 137 homes.

Council leader Tom Hunt said, “Sheffield is a growing city and we know we need to build new homes of all types to meet the needs of a growing population. We will work with partners in the public and private sector to make this happen and there is a lot of work taking place to increase housing growth in our city.”

He added, “Our aim, as always, remains to provide more choice of good quality and affordable homes for current residents and those who choose to live and work here in the future. The timing for the delivery of these homes delivered outside the Council will be subject to the delivery programme of the providers that acquire the sites. Therefore, dates of completion cannot be given at this stage.

“This SIP ensures we are building new, environmentally-friendly council properties where we know there is high demand for affordable housing.”

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