Law firm adds growth foundations to the cloud

Richard Lane, EBC Group, and Ian Bond, Talbots Law

West Midlands law firm Talbots is investing more than £1m in IT infrastructure as it plans for growth.

Talbots Law has worked with EBC Group to complete the installation of a new private cloud system that increases security, speed and flexibility.

It took on 15 staff last year, taking its total workforce to more than 200 people at its six offices across the region.

Mary Mocklow, chief executive of Talbots Law, said: “The private cloud is scalable, which fits perfectly with our desire to grow our business.”

It is forecasting growth of nearly 10% this year, to achieve fees of £12m.

“Staying ahead of the competition when it comes to technology is crucial to our growth plans that will hopefully see us increase fees from £11m to £12m this year,” she said.

The firm now has a mobile app that it says will dramatically boost call handing and it has upgraded its phone system.

Mocklow added: “Our ambition is to become the legal provider of choice for the Black Country and wider Midlands and this investment – the largest we have ever made in IT – will make us more efficient and deliver even better levels of service to our growing client base.”