Luxfer Gas Cylinders

At Luxfer, we believe that everyone should be able to explore environments with a sense of freedom and a feeling of absolute safety. We pioneer advances in gas containment that can improve the quality of people’s lives, their health, their well-being and their protection. We achieve this through constant innovation and by working alongside other technology partners to ensure that we maintain our exemplary record for dependability and safety.

It is important to us that our products improve the environment, so we also have an attitude of sustainability, and we continue to work towards the reduction of environmentally damaging emissions. Our expertise in the design and manufacture of composite and aluminium gas cylinders spans across a wide range of industries including alternative fuel, aerospace and inflation, SCBA, scuba, medical, speciality gas and industrial, CO2 and beverage, and fire extinguishing. As a result, we are the most trusted supplier of high-pressure composite and aluminium cylinders, with more than 70 million Luxfer cylinders in service around the world. We operate as a business unit of Luxfer Group (NYSE:LXFR) and we are headquartered in Riverside, California and we have additional manufacturing facilities in Pomona, California; Nottingham, England; Calgary, Canada; and Shanghai, China.