Genius move for property manager with £70,000 business idea

Rachel Hudson

A female entrepreneur who began her property career painting and fitting windows has invested £70,000 developing a piece of inventory software which she says is set to revolutionise the property market.

Property developer Rachel Hudson has launched a web-based system called Inventory Genius, which she says will take the hassle and legal pitfalls out of the inventory process for landlords and letting agents.

Hudson started her career by learning how to paint, make and fit windows and eventually progressed to managing the company.

She said: “I really was working in a man’s world and it wasn’t made easy for me. I had to earn the respect of the other builders and property managers and work hard. I laugh about it now but many years ago we used to say that if you got offered an aniseed ball from a certain gentleman from the council, that you had made it. When I received mine I actually dropped it! Even so, I knew that I had been accepted by my peers!

“I can even remember sitting in hospital and sorting out the company wages after giving birth to my son, Kevin, which is testament to how hard I worked to get where I am today.”

After working at and managing the Pear Tree Joinery from 1982, Hudson decided to sell the company in 2002 and focused her career on working within sales of new homes and property management.

Inventory Genius is officially launching later this month after completing a three-year development and redesign process.

Hudson said: “An inventory is just as important as the original tenancy agreement in its own right, as it catalogues the condition of the property and the contents that were provided originally. It is vital that it is filled out correctly with the right contents and I have designed something that meets these requirements.”

The product highlights any changes between the original document and the check-out inventory, indicating any changes to the property since the tenancy.

Inventory Genius is currently web-based, with plans to further develop the system into an app in the near future.

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