Business Bytes: How to become a morning person

Whilst it’s not likely to happen overnight, it is possible to transform yourself into a morning person. If you’ve read most of the advice online about this, you’ll already be trying to squeeze in an extra hour or two of sleep, switch off before bed and wake up to natural light.

Failing that, it might be worth trying to gradually incorporate these methods into your daily routine especially if your career relies on crack-of-dawn starts.

You firstly need to understand that waking up late isn’t down to a lack of willpower, it’s simply habit. If you can break the habit with a schedule to conflict lie-ins, your body will soon grow accustomed to the early starts.

Another thing to realise is that early risers don’t think about getting up – they just do it. But as you clearly don’t fit into this category, you’ll have to create a daily schedule and follow it religiously until waking early comes naturally to you.

Once you’ve sorted out your schedule, you need to get out of the habit of snoozing your alarm too. As wonderful as it feels at the time, it’s not doing anything for your mood when you do eventually have to wake up. Instead of reacting to your environment – which will leave you defensive – you need to productively shape your day as soon as you wake up.

If you really struggle to get up with just one ring of your alarm, place your alarm clock or phone away from the bed so you have to get out of it to turn off the incessant ringing.

Once you’re up it’s time to do something positive and productive, whether it’s a workout, watching a TED talk, having a cup of coffee, listening to a pod cast, cooking breakfast or even meditating. Taking this time out to relax before work will really help to change the way you think about early starts and may even convert you into a morning person.

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