‘Genius’ of Nottingham creative sector passes away

Mark Shaw, one of the most well-respected figures of the Nottingham creative sector, has died.

Mark, who was the owner and creative director of Agility Creative, has been described as a “genius” by his peers.

A statement from his partner and colleague, Kristen Neilson, said: “It is with deep regret that we must share with you the sad passing of our beautiful friend, colleague and creative director of Agility Creative, Mark Shaw.

“Mark peacefully passed away from natural causes on Monday 17th April.

“We realise many of you knew him from previous positions he held and have followed his professional successes along the road.

“Mark’s wit, personality and great gift for razor sharp copy made him a shining light in a business world that is often much duller and more rigid than any of us would like.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Mark’s family at this time.”

Lilly Brannan, account manager and copywriter at Agility, said: “As the owner and creative director of our business, his loss is felt keenly by all who worked with him. His drive and enthusiasm have been fundamental in building Agility Creative into the unique and talented team it is today.”

Susan Hallam, managing director of Hallam Internet, was one person who knew Mark well.

She said: “Mark provided creative support to me right from the very start when he created the iconic Hallam brand that our company still uses today.

“He was unbeatable when it came to branding, he was a gifted copywriter, and I could always count on him to share his business know-how with me.

“His apparent laid-back approach to solving business problems was genius, and the Nottingham creative community is much the poorer for his loss.”

Mark was also a published author – his book, Copywriting: Successful Writing for Design, Advertising and Marketing, is an inspiration and bible to many across the globe, both those working in the industry and those studying the craft of writing in business.

Kristen added: “I had been working with him on raising his profile and promoting this amazing book with him over the past few weeks. He wrote this to share his knowledge with others and inspire great writing and I would like it continue to guide writers out there, with sales contributing to his legacy, his memory and to his children.”

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