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It is a truism that professional life, and indeed life in general, seems to be getting busier and more complex. There are constantly multiple contacts, relationships and potential leads and projects to be followed up and developed, accompanied by the, all too familiar, attendant deadlines and deliverables.

Of course the Internet and related social media have further intensified this activity and bring as many challenges as opportunities. Gaining a sense of control and direction of travel in such an environment can at times seem elusive and difficult. It calls for the development of a set of skills, approaches and the creation of a mind-set that is a different one to that which might have served in previous moments.

It is with this set of challenges in mind that the Leicester Castle Business School (LCBS) Team set out to tackle and respond to in designing and operationalising the new LCBS Executive MBA. The thinking surrounding the programme does not commence with the all too well rehearsed functional perspective (i.e. Marketing, Logistics, A-Z of Strategy etc.). Alternatively, the team started by reflecting on the processes and instances which executives encounter, not just in a strategic career sense, but just as importantly in the day-to-day actions that lead people towards these longer term goals. The result was the development of an Executive MBA programme which is distinctive for its uniqueness, original thinking, alternative approaches and thought-provoking stances. Programme participants come with a wealth of experience to explore, unpack and contextualise with leading professors and academics who are operating at the cutting-edge of their field. Significantly, and vitally importantly, LCBS staff in addition to high academic achievement, themselves have extensive professional and corporate CVs and business acumen. This makes for a potent environment of exchange, discussion and development for participants. Furthermore, LCBS completely understands that contemporary business is global without question. In recognition and response to this all the staff at LCBS have extensive international experience, many speak a range of languages and are currently working with a wide range of research projects and executive education in many national contexts.

Students engage in a wide variety of project and action research-based studies pertinent to 21st century organizational activity embracing:, for example, self-discovery in a Leadership Practicum, how to roll out and recover strategy in turbulent times, managing sustainability and logistics in a practical manner, future scoping and futureproofing organizational activities. These in-depth explorations provide students with international experiences and the opportunity to meet a range of business leaders and thought leaders. The programme also provides opportunities for a range of overseas study visits to projects, settings and contexts which have the capacity to transform mind-sets and set new directions.

In sum, the Executive MBA is designed for business leaders who want to develop rich and versatile skill sets with which to manage the complex social, cultural, technical and organizational issues in contemporary business markets and environments. The highly original approach of the Executive MBA addresses and responds to the changing demands and interactive situations of modern executive roles and consequently contrasts with many existing programmes which tend to offer standardised functional-style approaches and suites of modules.

Through this course you will experience blended and integrated learning experiences, using an original and flexible approach, which will allow you to develop agility and flexibility in response to the challenges of the 21st century careers. This will be achieved through a programme which has been developed around an innovative ‘project-based’ module structure which nurtures and necessitates composite and combined skills, techniques and knowledge. As a consequence, the Leicester Castle Executive MBA experience will build and enhance your judgement, confidence and self-awareness.

Executive Summary of Reasons to study an Executive MBA with Leicester Castle Business School
• Leicester Castle Business School is an official higher education partner of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and successful completion of the programme also brings award of an accredited CMI Diploma.

• Study flexibly via blended and integrated learning experiences enhancing your ability to respond to complex and changing environments.

• You will gain a global perspective in a highly international setting with the opportunity to participate in international study trips.

• You will have the opportunity to practice leadership and decision making through project based learning which will develop your expertise.

• Create value for you and your business with options to develop projects around real business problems and ideas.

• You will develop an international network throughout your studies in a place where a unique group of people converge with the potential to form lifelong friendships, and in some cases business partnerships.

• You will develop your professional skills by studying and learning with world leading professor-practitioners who are operating at the leading edges of their respective knowledge-practice sectors

• You will enhance your career potential by enriching your knowledge and understanding of contemporary organisational settings and operations

Interested and want to know more? – please contact Louise Donaghy Head of Executive Education and Business Development – Leicester Castle Business School

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