Entrepreneur on the front foot with retreat for women

Ange Terry

A Derbyshire mother of two has launched a retreat business aimed at women who lead busy lives.

Ange Terry, of Dronfield, Derbyshire has opened the luxury retreat business in the Peak District.

The business – Secret Warriors – offers personalised weekend escapes, which Terry says will help women feel stronger, happier and more in control of life. Each retreat is tailored to the needs of her client, but typically includes relaxing treatments, professionally-cooked food, exercise and some free time to explore the local area.

Terry says she set up the business following her own personal experience of juggling motherhood and a career. In 2011 and 2012, Terry and her husband Neil went through two gruelling rounds of IVF before having their twins five years ago.

“Whilst thrilled to become a Mum, I found the emotional stress of the IVF, caring for our twins who slept terribly until they were two and trying to be the best I could at work, a challenge. When I returned to my career in banking, I was working in London and one night a fortnight I stayed in the capital, which became my sanctuary for a full night’s sleep! A lot of my friends were in the same position, trying to manage family and work commitments and it made me realise that we all need that short break from time to time to help us cope with these demands. So many of the Mums I know seem super-human, juggling family, work and non-stop demands. It can be pretty relentless and time’s in short supply – hence the name Secret Warriors.”

By working with hand-picked partners, Terry says she offers her guests a choice of ethical, trusted products and services, for example organic vegan beauty products, tailored treatments, meditation, yoga, make-overs, outdoor adventures and life coaching.

She continued: “My aim is to provide a service that is more personal than a spa and homelier than a hotel. There’s a lot of pressure on us today to eat well, live well, and I want to take that stress away so that my guests can completely relax from the moment they arrive and leave here feeling refreshed and revived.”

Whilst aimed at busy Mums and professionals, Terry says the business is already receiving requests to provide services to a wider audience including reading retreats, corporate events and retreats for men.