Furniture company looks for sustainable growth in China

Full Grown is exhibiting at the Beijing Expo
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Derbyshire-based sustainable furniture company Full Grown is planting the seeds for future business growth by partnering with the UK Government at a major Chinese exhibition.

It is exhibiting some of its grown furniture at the Beijing Expo 2019, where the UK Garden has received almost 450,000 visitors, including business and government leaders from across China.

This presents a great opportunity for Full Grown’s founders Gavin and Alice Munro to seek out buyers in this blossoming luxury furniture market.

Full Grown shape and graft bespoke, sustainable furniture from trees to sell to individuals, galleries and museums.

Officially founded in 2012, the company soon realised its product range, which now encompasses chairs, lamps, tables and sculptures, had strong appeal outside of the UK.

The business started working with the Department for International Trade in 2016 and now exports to 10 countries including France, Germany and Norway.

Gavin Munro, founder at Full Grown said: “We were introduced to the Beijing Expo 2019 through a DIT reception with Liam Fox at Lancaster House in December. We have since been discussing exhibiting our products at the expo for some time and DIT are kindly supporting our appearance at the expo.

“The expo will provide us valuable opportunities to show our products to a new audience in China – and allow us to publicise our company and products at the UK Garden and Pavilion that shares the same cause that we do: innovating for a greener future.”

Richard Burn, DIT’s HM Trade Commissioner for China, said: “China is the perfect market for Full Grown to explore. Chinese consumers currently purchase a third of global luxury products and have an increased awareness of eco-friendly goods.

“The UK’s Garden and Pavilion will provide the perfect setting to showcase these organically grown lamps and chairs. Not only do they represent the creativity and innovation found in UK companies that make us a world leader in low carbon development, but they also resonate with our core theme of ‘Innovating for a Greener Future’.”