DIY retailer tells safety company ‘you can do it’

Colin Milligan

Fire and security specialists Tecserv UK have been appointed to maintain and repair fire alarm systems and fire extinguishers at 175 B&Q stores across the UK.

The Nottingham-based company had successfully completed a trial period with the retailer. It will now carry out regular inspections and servicing, and provide emergency call-out support, for the DIY chain.

Tecserv UK’s sales director Colin Milligan said: “In a retail environment, the last thing anyone wants is to hear a fire alarm go off, particularly if it is a false activation. Having to evacuate the building means reputational damage and lost revenue as rarely do people return to store.

“Regular maintenance of fire alarms systems and equipment helps to ensure systems operate reliably and protect the safety of staff and customers. It also minimises the need for emergency repairs, reduces false activations, and ensures compliance.”