Health and fitness firm to open gym in south Notts

A health and fitness firm is set to expand its Nottinghamshire business by adding a gym to its headquarters building.

Compound Strength & Conditioning will open the the gym in the former Fittings for Shops unit on Brookside Road in Ruddington, which has been vacant since December 2019 and is adjacent to its current premises.

From there, the new gym will provide personal training, yoga, pilates, mindfulness and sports therapy in a move that will create five jobs.

A statement from Compound Strength & Conditioning said: “Many of the gyms local to the area provide personal training but we want the Ruddington community to be able to have a personal training service in the village that is a walkable distance and without having to pay a membership to a gym. This will allow the community a really flexible personal training service.

“Within our plans the building will have a dedicated studio space, Yoga is a well-attended health and fitness class and we want to be able to let the two yoga instructors from the local area build a comprehensive schedule of classes for the community.

“We are currently working with a local Pilates instructor in unit A but want to allow her the flexibility to run sessions throughout the week and expand her offering to mum and baby classes that will take place in the upstairs studio.

“We currently work with Jakki Pritchard (a Ruddington resident) on a personal level and have been in discussions about allowing her to run mindfulness sessions in the new studio as well as running a mindfulness awareness week in May to coincide with mental health awareness week (18th – 24th May) if planning is approved.

“Within our current network of industry professionals we work with and receive treatment from two different therapists. In the proposed floor plan, we want to offer those professionals a treatment room should they wish expand their client base and offer their services which are in demand in the Ruddington area.

“We think it’s really important to offer an additional space with more health and fitness opportunities for the Ruddington community than we already provide. Allowing the community flexibility of class type and gym space will increase use and give more Ruddington locals the chance to deliver their professional skills be it classes, sports therapy or PT.”