Rushcliffe pub closed after flouting lockdown rules

The Chequers at Cropwell Bishop
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A Nottinghamshire pub has been temporarily closed after a group of people were reported to be drinking alcohol inside – despite national Covid lockdown laws which ban pubs from serving indoors.

Nottinghamshire Police officers supported officers from Rushcliffe Borough Council and attended a gathering at Chequers pub in Cropwell Bishop on Friday (November 27) evening.

They observed the premises from a distance and noticed people entering the pub.

Some left with boxes of food, as they were offering a takeaway service, which is allowed under current restrictions, but it was clear that there less were leaving the pub than entering.

Environmental Health Officers then entered the premises and witnessed a group of men drinking alcohol, prompting a call to Nottinghamshire Police.

Management at the premises claimed the individuals were customers using the takeaway service who did not wish to wait outside in the cold for their food.

Details of people inside were taken and the pub was today given a prohibition order and a fine of £1,000, in line with central government guidelines.

Rushcliffe Inspector Craig Berry said: “Officers from the local council and Nottinghamshire Police were called to a pub in Cropwell Bishop on Friday night following numerous calls from members of the public after reports that the premises were open and serving alcohol.

“Through joint enforcement work from the police and the local council we attended today (30 November 2020) and worked in a partnership approach to prevent further breaches of the legislation.

“The bar was issued with a prohibition notice and a fixed penalty notice by licensing officers.

“We are pleased with the partnership approach and will not tolerate flouting the Covid-19 legislation and we will take positive action.”

“We will investigate any reports of licensed premises and pubs that are reported of being open and in breach of the Governments Covid 19 regulations.

“Appropriate actions will be taken, this being a good example of partnership work with the local authority.”

Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhoods, Cllr Rob Inglis said: “We know how tough it is for businesses currently but the current COVID restrictions are in place to protect everyone and ultimately save lives.

“We always look to advise and educate business owners as to their responsibilities with any licence but there was a blatant disregard for its rules in this case and we take any breach very seriously to protect consumers.

“Overall compliance from businesses across Rushcliffe has been high and we thank them for playing their part and adapting brilliantly in so many cases.

“We understand the current financial climate for businesses and will now work with the owners in this case to draw up steps they can take to trade safely in future.

“All food and drink must be taken away from the premises with no indoor or outdoor seating available and customers are advised to not congregate inside or outside the business within guidelines outlined by central government.”