Development consultancy reveals new executive board

The new board
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Following the retirement of managing director Tony Bateman at the end of June, development consultancy Pegasus Group has announced its new management structure.

The new executive board will see Jim Tarzey as CEO, Chris May as deputy CEO, Gary Lees as chair of the executive board and Sam Kerby as chief finance and group services officer.

They will be joined by Sebastian Tibenham, Paul Burrell, Nicky Parsons, Mike Carr and Jeremy Peachey who will be leading the company collectively.

Pegasus has will also unveil new five-year business plan in the autumn.

Tarzey said: “We want to continue based on the founding origins of the Company, which is extremely important to us; this was built around a collegiate approach with the responsibility and authority of the business shared equally between a number of key individuals.

“Moving forward we want that approach strengthened more than ever, and it is our collective job to achieve this. I want to – and need to – maintain a large degree of my professional responsibilities. This is something that won’t impede the functioning of the Board because Sam leading Finance and Group Services and Chris as Deputy, will be devoting more of their time wholly to management responsibilities.”

Staff retention is one of the top priorities.

“We are nothing without our staff, and it is staff retention that is top of my wish list,” added Tarzey.

Pegasus has Midlands offices in Lockington (Derbyshire), Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield.

Picture caption: The new Executive Board, top from left: Jim Tarzey, Chris May, Gary Lees and Sam Kerby; bottom: Sebastian Tibenham, Paul Burrell, Nicky Parsons, Mike Carr and Jeremy Peachy