In-car entertainment company set to make a noise in Nottingham

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Car Audio Centre has opened on Nottingham’s Alfreton Road.

Earlier this summer, the in-car entertainment specialist announced plans to relocate its Mansfield Road store to larger premises on Alfreton Road, next to Superfi Smart Homes.

The developers and owners, Inphase International, then confirmed plans to link the two stores internally to Nottingham Hi-Fi, creating a “one stop shop to kit out your car and home”.

Superfi was previously in the city’s Market Square before closing in February 2019. It was then brought back to life by Nottingham group In Phase International, which also owns the iconic Road Angel brand and Nottingham Hi-Fi.

Gary Digva, sales director at In Phase International, said: “This is a massive moment for all three businesses and hopefully a shot in the arm for local retail here in Nottingham. Yes, we all face big challenges with the impact of the pandemic and the rise of online shopping but the key is finding the balance.

”We’ve actually seen a big rise in both online and offline sales due in part to larger numbers of people planning ‘Staycations’ and spending more time in their cars. We’ve also seen a rise in home improvement projects in terms of entertainment systems, coupled with an increasing interest in creating the home cinema experience.

“Providing these advanced solutions and crafting the perfect blend of technology isn’t something that is easily sourced online. It takes experience, skills, expertise and a one-on-one bespoke approach. We now have the location, the team and the technology to provide these products, services and experiences in what we see as a one-stop shop for your home and car audio needs.”