Design agency expands into Lincoln with second office

Liam O'Leary

Laser Red, the Grimsby-based digital design agency, is set to expand and open new offices in Lincoln from September 1.

The agency will open a second office space in Lincoln’s Mosaic Digital Hub at Thomas Parker House on Silver Street.

“At Laser Red we’re passionate about and committed to the region and we want to invest in it. We’ve operated out of Lincolnshire for many years and know of the wealth of talent in the area,” said managing director, Liam O’Leary.

“Our decision to open new premises in Lincoln is driven by a number of factors; we want to help the area retain as much of that talent as possible, to help it grow and be recognised as a region for innovation and success. It also improves our reach as a business and improves our ability to service new and existing clients from around the UK. The new location makes sense allowing us to add new businesses and the people to help us serve them.”

“We’ve worked hard as a team to exceed our targets over the years, and we feel the time is right to look to the horizon and what the next version of Laser Red looks like,” added O’Leary. “We have a great relationship with our clients, and we want to offer a range of services that meet their every need and delivers impact and value. I’m excited for our business, our clients and what it means to the area.”