Breedon set for record turnover

Leicestershire bulding materials firm Breedon says it is on course for a record year, despite rising costs.

In a trading update this morning, Breedon said that, for the 10 months to November, it had turned over £1.86bn – some 14% ahead of 2021 figures.

The firm puts the success down to a “dynamic pricing strategy” that has seen volumes hold up to pre-pandemic levels.

Rob Wood, chief executive, said: “This time last year we reminded our investors of the agile and entrepreneurial DNA that sets Breedon apart. Our rapid response to changing market conditions, local focus, vertically-integrated business model and disciplined financial framework will again enable us to deliver record results.

“Visibility in the trading landscape has been poor for some years now, for a variety of reasons. Against this constantly changing backdrop, our team’s commitment and resolve have delivered quality products and great service to our customers, regardless of the economic or political landscape. For this, we thank them. Their focus and determination in turn continues to deliver for all our stakeholders.”