Ashfield MP to earn £100,000 a year for 8-hour week

Lee Anderson MP

Controversial Ashfield MP Lee Anderson is set to earn £100,000 a year for an 8-hour week presenting his new show on GB News.

Anderson, the chairman of the Conservative Party, revealed the eye-watering sum in the latest MP’s register of interests, published yesterday (March 22).

He has previously appeared on the channel’s Dan Wootton show, earning just £200 a week for his services.

Last year, Anderson declared: “We are paid handsomely for the job we do and if you need an extra £100,000 a year on top then you should really be looking for another job.”

Anderson, a former Labour councillor, has courted controversy since being elected as MP for Ashfield in 2019. He has been dubbed “30p Lee” for suggesting that people can cook a meal from scratch for the miserly sum.

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