‘Drinking wine isn’t just about how it tastes’

By Claire Reynolds, head of marketing and communications, Nottingham Hospitals Charity

While I wouldn’t say I’m the last word on wine by any stretch of the imagination, there’s something about the summer sunshine that makes me want to  seek out different bottles to enjoy for a lazy evening in the garden.

That’s not to say that I go full-on obscure with my choices. Having a busy professional and home life means that the wine I tend to drink has to be accessible.

So, when I’m not hurriedly picking up a mid-price range bottle from the supermarket and do have the time to choose more carefully, my go-to choice in the warmer weather is definitely a rosé. They’re easy to drink and, with the summers seemingly getting hotter and hotter, they can both tasty and refreshing.

I’ve recently been enjoying the Pale Rosé by Sacha Lichine 2021. Coming in at around £15 a bottle and available pretty much everywhere, it’s both affordable, but also feels a bit special too.

The team behind The Pale were also behind one of my other go-to drinks of the last few years, Whispering Angel, and I’m nothing if not loyal when I find a wine I like.

The Pale’s taste comes from grapes from the Vin de Pay du Var of Provence – and so I know there’s heritage there. And yes, it’s a bonus for the bottle to look good on the shelf too, and The Pale is a great example of this, with the label artwork depicting scenes from the Roaring 20s, paying homage to New Yorker illustrations. Drinking wine isn’t just about how it tastes, but how the whole experience makes you feel, I always think.

So, The Pale is already a firm favourite for this summer from Sacha Lichine. The perfect partner to an evening with friends, or for those stolen solo hours with a good book and nothing or no-one to bother you. Go seek it out!


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