Ashfield MP in expletive-laden blast against asylum seekers

Lee Anderson MP

Controverial Ashfield MP Lee Anderson is under fire once again after he waded into the highly divisive immigration debate.

Anderson, who is the chair of the Conservative Party, has said those asylum seekers who are complaining at being housed on the Bibby Stockholm barge should “fuck off back to France”.

As of Tuesday evening, no Government official had disagreed with Anderson. Indeed, Alex Chalk MP, the justice secretary, said Anderson’s “indignation was well-placed”.

Ashfield MP Lee Anderson earns £100,000 a year for an 8-hour week presenting his new show on GB News.

Last year, Anderson declared: “We are paid handsomely for the job we do and if you need an extra £100,000 a year on top then you should really be looking for another job.”

Anderson, a former Labour councillor, has courted controversy since being elected as MP for Ashfield in 2019. He has been dubbed “30p Lee” for suggesting that people can cook a meal from scratch for the miserly sum.



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