Nottingham fuel hub establishes new production facility with £1m investment

Mark Lawday

Luxfer Gas Cylinders’ European will recieve an investment of over £1m to set up a new production facility in Nottingham.

The facility will support the creation of virtual gas pipelines for distributing hydrogen across the UK and Europe.

Luxfer Gas Cylinders is a part of Luxfer Holdings PLC (NYSE: LXFR) and is a manufacturer of high-pressure aluminum and composte cylinders. Their Nottingham base currently manufactures up to one million cyclinders annually.

Luxfer Gas Cylinders has been in business for more than 80 years and has locations worldwide. In Europe, its main base is in Nottingham, where it employs over 230 local residents. With this new hub in Colwick, they plan to create more jobs as they expand their operations

The facility will manufacture multiple element gas containers (MEGCs), and the initial units are set to be accessible starting in the summer of 2024.

The G-Stor™ Hydrosphere line, which comes in 20-foot, 40-foot, and 45-foot options, has the capacity to store anywhere from 0.5 to 1.4 tonnes of environmentally-friendly gas, opening up access to hydrogen for companies targeting greener operations.

Earlier this year, the company introduced the G-Stor™ Pro Bundle. This is a package of multiple cylinders (MCP) that are connected in a modular system. It’s created to fulfill the need for smaller amounts of hydrogen gas, serving as an important part of the hydrogen supply chain.

Mark Lawday, vice president and general manager of Luxfer Europe said: “This investment is the natural next step in continuing to build our European hydrogen capability and support the development of the hydrogen economy, which is going to be essential in enabling all of us to reach our decarbonisation goals in Europe in 2030 and beyond.

“Thanks to our industry-leading G-Stor Pro Type 3 and G-Stor Go Type 4 core cylinder technology, combined with decades of experience in alternative fuel systems design and development, we have a product range to provide customers with a choice of technology, module capacities and features, to match current and future needs.”