Approval granted for housing on wildlife sanctuary and burial ground

Credit: Google maps

Plans have been approved to build 31 affordable homes on a Derbyshire wildlife sanctuary, which is believed to also serve as a burial site.

Modern Edge Development Group is set to develop the land located to the rear of 127 Peasehill in Ripley, near Ripley Academy.

Originally proposing 40 homes, the developer scaled down to 31 homes, all of which will now be designated to affordable housing, due to an agreement reached with housing association futures.

During a recent meeting, Amber Valley Borough Council deliberated over concerns regarding the sites use, particularly its status as a wildlife sanctuary and its historical significance as a burial ground, including a stone circle memorial.

They also discussed concerns about access to the busy Peasehill Road, where heavy traffic and speeding have been ongoing issues.

This area is near a school and a housing estate with 400 homes currently under development. Cllr Martin Hawkins, a member of Ripley Town Council, expressed the council’s worries regarding the impact on wildlife, the burial site, and the available space for local residents.

Cllr Hawkins suspected that residents on Peasehill Road might lose their on-street parking spots if the proposed new access and visibility measures were enforced with double-yellow lines.

However, borough council officials clarified that the decision to introduce double-yellow lines would fall under the jurisdiction of Derbyshire County Council, not the planning committee.

Reece Musson, representing Modern Edge Development Group Limited, mentioned that out of the 31 properties, 20 would be for social rent and 11 for shared ownership. He also stated that the project would bring over £200,000 in benefits to the local community, including additional spaces at Ripley Academy and a pathway connecting the site to the nearby greenway.

The late landowner, Eric Fotherby, who passed away in 2006, rests on the premises according to his will. His final request was for the land to be preserved as a sanctuary for wildlife.




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