Third attempt to secure approval for Derby’s food and drink market

The street for the food and drink market

Developers are making another attempt to establish a new food and drink market in the Derby city centre area.

Burton Abbey Developments has now submitted a third planning application to revitalise an unused green space at St. Peter’s Churchyard, even though their previous two planning requests were denied.

In November of the previous year, Derby City Council rejected plans to transform this neglected space located near St. Peter’s Street, despite strong support from the local business community.

The latest submission includes revised plans with alterations to the market’s size and layout compared to previous proposals.

In this new proposal, the emphasis is on creating 10 retail units, a reduction from the previous 12. These retail spaces would be arranged in an “L-shaped” configuration along the southern and western edges of the site, situated away from the Grade II*-listed St. Peter’s Church and the Grade II*-listed Old Grammar School.

Additionally, the plans incorporate a seating area with a capacity for up to 100 people.

One crucial aspect of the proposal and location involves the developer’s plan to create an entrance to the new market through the historic 19th-century wall bordering the site.

According to Derby City Council, this wall is considered “curtilage listed,” which means it’s not listed as a Grade itself but is a valuable element within an area where Grade Listed structures are present.

As a result, it should be treated with the same level of care as the Grade Listed structures in that vicinity.

However, in their updated application, Burton Abbey Developments argues that there is room for discussion regarding the wall’s “heritage significance” in the city and are once again advocating for its partial demolition.

Derby City Council aims to reach a conclusive decision on the plans by the end of the year.

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