Vitamin brand joins menopause movement to improve women’s experience

Nutrivitality, a liquid vitamin brand based in Nottingham, has partnered with menopause movement GenM.

GenM aims to make menopause a more positive journey for women.

Nutrivitality, advocating for women’s health, has recently joined the movement.

This partnership will allow Nutrivitality, part of the Surescreen group of companies, to help individuals experiencing menopause by producing products that meet specific criteria needs.

These products will be tested on menopausal women and address the 48 signs and symptoms of menopause through technology and functional features.

John Knox, managing director at Nutrivitality said: “Our supplement brand was created to help people have more autonomy over their health, and women’s health in particular is an area we’ve invested heavily in. It’s great to be a part of the wider movement with GenM, to develop more groundbreaking research as well as give consumers a better understanding, support, and representation of menopause. 

“Our expert research and development team have continued to develop a range of products in this area, and we have some exciting menopause news in the pipeline.”  

Heather Jackson, co-founder of GenM, said: “Everyone’s menopause experience is different, and the vast majority say their experience is ‘not that bad’. But in the 21st century, don’t women deserve better than that? We want women to be able to thrive in this life stage and take control of their menopause in the way that best suits them. 

“Our GenM Partners have all committed to better understanding and serving the menopause and using their platforms to normalise the conversation. It’s great to have a like-minded brand such as Nutrivitality on board. The team has some fantastic products in the pipeline to help women deal with a variety of menopausal symptoms.”