208-acre solar farm proposed at Charnwood Forest

The proposal

Plans are in motion for a 208-acre solar farm in Charnwood Forest, aiming to power 16,580 homes annually and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 11,210 tonnes, according to the developer.

Namene Solar Ltd has submitted a planning application for a 49.9MW solar farm located on land off Charley Road, Charley Knoll Farm, Nanpantan.

If approved, the site near Beacon Hill would run for 40 years and include solar panels, a battery station, temporary offices, a perimeter fence, CCTV, and underground cabling.

The location is within Charnwood Forest, recognised as a key zone for woodland revival by the National Forest charity.

Spanning both Charnwood Borough and North West Leicestershire District, the plans require scrutiny from both local authorities.

However, Charnwood Borough Council will spearhead the decision-making process, given the majority of the land falls within their jurisdiction.

Some residents have already begun registering objections to the proposed plans.