New recruitment firm launches HQ in Nottingham with mission to ‘transform’ industry

Amir Qureshi

A new business group, with its head office in Nottingham, has launched – saying that it will “transform recruitment services” within the education sector.

The Protocol Group, a parent company to three subsidiary businesses, has ambitious plans to dominate the UK education industry – and to become the “best in class”.

The newly rebranded group, which boasts 28 years of experience and recruitment excellence, says it is on a mission to become the go-to partner of all UK education institutions.

Amir Qureshi, CEO at The Protocol Group, said: “Our mission is clear, but it is ambitious, and it is wide ranging. We’re going to change the whole industry. We want to be a disruptor.”

The Protocol Group will fill a gap in the market which the current recruitment businesses’ have left open, it says.

Qureshi said: “At present the recruitment industry currently suffers from providing a one-dimensional service which does not attend to the full spectrum of needs education institutions require.

“We’re not happy with the way recruitment currently works, the industry hasn’t changed for 20 years. The whole sector is stale, which is why we’re determined to change the game.”

The Protocol Group provides staff members for all levels of education, ranging from nursery level, through to school level, all the way to higher education and special education needs.

The roles the group covers are not only limited directly to teaching staff, but also the other staff needed for the running of any education institution, including support staff, such as groundskeepers, lunch staff, cleaning teams and more.

Qureshi added: “By delivering complete service recruitment solutions for our clients, we can fill any role. More and more clients are now joining us because they see how our team can quickly and consistently help them find the people they require to transform their services.”

The company will be based out of seven offices in London, Manchester, Hertfordshire, Aberdeen, Birmingham, and Stamford, as well as its main head office in Nottingham.

Qureshi said: “We don’t want our services to be a transaction, we want to be a bespoke partner to these education institutions. When it comes to education recruitment we quite simply pledge to be ‘the best in class’.”

He added: “Our services are built on decades of experience in delivering excellence and instinctively knowing what our clients need. We work with clients to provide the solutions they need. As a fast-growing company we’re quickly creating an environment where curiosity thrives, diversity is embraced and where everyone can learn and grow together.”

The Protocol Group recently announced the launch of two of three subsidiary businesses, Bookmark and eSafegaurding, which act as a recruitment database and DBS checking service respectively.

There will be a third business within the group announced in December.

Qureshi said: “The recruitment sector is changing all the time. And as providers, we all need to embrace that change and the opportunities it brings.

“We are constantly looking to develop new products, new services and new ideas which will transform the sector helping us The Protocol Group and to help our clients and candidates grow with us.”