Metal recycling firm expands global reach through record deal

James Bowers

Metals recycling and trading firm Enicor is preparing for its largest project to date, aiming to segregate, transport, and distribute a 400,000-ton stockpile of skim iron globally.

In partnership with British Steel in Scunthorpe, the process involves moving the material from its current storage location to a stockyard and then to Immingham port in Lincolnshire, readying it for export.

Enicor, headquartered in Barlborough, Derbyshire, and operating across three other sites in the East Midlands, has secured a lease at Immingham port to facilitate the project.

Chief executive James Bowers said: “The decision to undertake this project now stems from our recognition of the immense potential within this previously overlooked resource. While the company traditionally views the material as a commodity, this project requires a substantial commitment, involving the movement of 25,000 tons every five weeks.

“Taking on Immingham port represents a strategic decision to streamline and optimise the distribution process. The port, being one of the largest and most well-connected in the region, provides us with a crucial gateway to international markets. We believe this move not only enhances Enicor’s logistical capabilities but also positions us as a major player in the global scrap metal recycling industry.”

 “Enicor’s foray into skim iron recycling and global distribution is a remarkable undertaking that underscores our commitment to innovation and global impact. We’re excited to get going on the project and work with our partners to make it a great success.”