Derby businessman faces legal action after counterfeit t-shirt crime

A man from Derby has faced legal action for manufacturing and selling fake t-shirts over approximately four years.

In September 2023, Juri Frolov was sentenced to four months imprisonment, suspended for 18 months and an application was filed under the Proceeds of Crime Act to recover any illicit profits.

Following a hearing at Derby’s combined court centre on January 11, a portion of the owed amount is slated to be covered by Frolov’s equity share in a house acquired through the Right to Buy scheme.

The total benefits owed, amounting to £36,891.61, can only be partially paid by releasing equity from Frolov’s property and selling confiscated items.

Together, these total £22,640, leaving a further £13,000 to be paid.

Councillor Shiraz Khan, Cabinet Member for housing, property and regulatory services, said: “This case is a perfect example that crime doesn’t pay, and shows that we are prepared to use whatever powers necessary to tackle illegal activity in Derby. This type of firm action through the courts serves as a warning and deterrent to anyone operating criminal enterprises in the city.”

Trading Standards seized equipment, which included a T-shirt printer, numerous blank T-shirts, and items returned by customers.

Frolov used to promote these shirts on eBay and printed them upon receiving orders at his residence.

Before this incident, he had received a letter from an anti-counterfeiting organisation, instructing him to stop selling T-shirts without the owner’s permission.

Despite receiving the letter, Frolov disregarded it and continued producing and selling the unauthorised T-shirts.

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