Food ingredients supplier reveals six-figure investment in innovation centre

James Arnold & MP Dr Caroline Johnson

Sleaford Quality Foods, a Lincolnshire-based supplier of ingredients to the food industry, has opened its Innovation Centre with the support of local MP Dr Caroline Johnson.

The move marks a £750,000 investment and is aimed at expanding the company’s innovation and new product development capabilities.

Led by Trevor Holmes and his team of chefs, the centre will facilitate workshops and collaboration with customers to generate new recipe ideas in line with industry trends.

The centre’s design and layout were handled by Lincoln-based APSS.

MP Dr Caroline Johnson said: “It was an honour to officially open the Innovation Centre at Sleaford Quality Foods. I am grateful to James Arnold, Managing Director, and his team for inviting me to mark this very special occasion and to celebrate an exciting expansion of an important local business in the town. I know that a significant amount of work and investment has gone into this project, bringing great benefit to customers, and creating more jobs for local people.

“It’s great to see the business expanding as they continue to be the supplier of choice to many of the UK’s major food manufacturers and foodservice companies.”

James Arnold, SQF managing director, said: “Customer expectations continue to grow so we need to grow with them. Hence the company has made a significant investment in a new innovative, dynamic facility which will offer customers new and exciting culinary initiatives. We’re extremely excited about the opportunities our innovation Centre will provide our customers and I am confident it will result in a period of growth for Sleaford Quality Foods.”

“There are huge opportunities for the company to add to its food service and manufacturing channels, it’s an exciting time for the business.”