Rolls-Royce secures £1.2m additional funding to advance nuclear-powered projects

Rolls-Royce has secured additional funding from the UK Space Agency to advance nuclear-powered projects within the space industry.

Some £1.2m has been allocated to Rolls-Royce Submarines and BWX Technologies, a US-based nuclear supplier to utilise fission nuclear systems for space exploration missions.

This financial injection is part of a broader £13m government initiative aimed at supporting 11 international space projects.

Among the recipients are Vertical Future, which is working on a “robotic space arm” facility for cultivating plants in space, and the University of Leicester, which is engaged in identifying potential space missions suitable for nuclear-powered technologies.

The new funding marks the second phase of investment under the UK Space Agency’s £20m International Bilateral fund, with participation from private companies from various countries, including the US, Australia, Canada, India, and Singapore.

Steve Carlier, president of Rolls-Royce Submarines, said: “The teaming agreement between Rolls-Royce and BWXT brings together over 130 years of safe and secure nuclear delivery on both sides of the Atlantic.

“This new agreement builds on our complimentary core competencies and market knowledge from our respective countries. This enables us to build upon our existing relationship and explore potential strategic relationships and business arrangements to further develop nuclear technologies and products for space.”