£1.8bn Viking Link project launched from Lincolnshire

National Grid has introduced Viking Link, a 475-mile-long cable connecting British and Danish energy grids for the first time.

Running from Lincolnshire to southern Jutland, Denmark, it allows the exchange of wind power between the two nations.

Costing £1.8bn it can power around 2.5m UK homes, and it’s the longest cable globally.

Since starting in December 2023, it’s moved 1,733 GWh of power between the two countries, with more expected.

During its first year, Viking Link is anticipated to prevent 600,000 tonnes of carbon emissions, a reduction equivalent to removing 280,000 cars from UK roads.

According to National Grid, the project is set to generate over £500m in savings for UK consumers within its initial ten years of operation.

Group CEO of National Grid, John Pettigrew, said: “In an ever-changing global energy market, the value that connections like Viking Link can provide to national energy security cannot be understated. Over its lifespan, this record-breaking connection will deliver over five billion pounds in efficiencies for UK consumers, allow us to trade hundreds of gigawatts in surplus power, and provide an indispensable tool in guaranteeing the continued reliability of our energy system.

“Projects like this are emblematic of the efforts National Grid will make to deliver for customers and climate alike. I’m delighted that we have been able to come together with industry leaders and those who collectively spent four million working hours over five years building Viking Link to recognise that.”